wait, i can't use google?

By far, one of the greatest lessons I've learned at school is that you can create your own solution to a design problem. The key word being create. No Google images or stock photography allowed.

It may sound simple or obvious, but be honest, how often do you pick up a paint brush before you peruse a Google image search?

My Type Basic teacher, Will Miller, was the first to assign work requiring us to create art. The art was supposed to be a visual representation of three sounds clips that he provided. After my initial 'oh shit' moment, I turned up the volume and really listened to the music.

I was able to create expression through photography, painting, and an honest attempt at scupture. At the end of the day I had found my inner artist. No, I can't paint your portrait, but this was about creating energy and an emotion.

Since that assignment, I've been looking forward to my next challenge. The good news is it didn't take long! This week we had to create a readymade alphabet for our Design Fundamentals class - and it was super fun. I chose to use books but it was interesting to see how everyone else created their alphabets. Some used sand, string, cords, paint brushes, tortillas, and anything they could find.

I highly encourage everyone to challenge themselves to step away from the computer and make something. It's refreshing and authentic. 

Without further ado, here is my alphabet: