inspiring quotes with inspiring typography

It amazes me how Twitter continually feeds me interesting information. This weekend I spent time stalking more people to follow and am happy to report that I am pleased with my decisions so far.

One of my newest follows is The Next Great Generation (@NextGreatGen), an online magazine written by my generation about growing up in the information age. I found the idea of crowdsourcing journalism really neat. Who doesn't want to have a voice in today's world?

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I came across a tweet from TNGG about 55 Inspiring Quotes they claimed would brighten my mood. Never turning down a chance to give my Monday a lift, I clicked the link and was surprised to find that each quote had been transformed into visual poetry. Typography, color, kerning, leading and graphics were are selected specifically to reflect the meaning behind the words.

I selected six of my favorites based on both the visual and the meaning to share with you:

Thank you to TNGG for sharing these with me. If you are interested in the other 49 quotes, you can find them here.

In the next couple weeks, I have to create my own visual poetry for Type Basics class. We can only use black and one typeface from the five "desert island" fonts introduced to us (Adobe Caslon, Adobe Garamond, Bodoni, Helvetica Neue and Univers). Look out for that post to follow soon!

In the meantime, be sure to walk with your head up and your eyes open.